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Nutrition, Wellness & Health Foods

FOODLINK FORUM has worked in industrial market services in the areas of nutrition, wellness and health foods since 1999. Besides its industrial services, it has been leader in specialised information throughout the years, with:

  1. the series "State of the Health Ingredients and Functional Foods Market", published in 1999 through 2004;
  2. the Benelux Health Claim Forum, organized in 2006 and which brought together industry, government and academics in the Benelux;
  3. the book "The Functional Foods Dossier: Building Solid Health Claims", a practical industrial guide on the scientific substantiation of health claims and the preparation of the health claim dossier in companies;
  4. the "Mastering the Future: European Functional Foods & Drinks", an industrial training for company managers;
  5. government support to establish SME company needs in the health, nutrition and wellness area.

Our expertise in this area is based in the combined background of our team, which covers sciences, technology, industrial market and regulatory affairs of the Nutrition, Wellness and Health Foods sector. Our thorough knowledge and experience in this area allows us to provide advanced, integrated services that overview opportunities and pitfalls. Our customised services in this area include:

European NWHF* Market Information

This is a versatile service, used by companies in a variety of ways. It makes use of our broad experience and knowledge in this market, its special distribution channels, its science, regulatory aspects, R&D. It may involve desk and field market research as well as literature research. This service answers many questions that help companies develop their health products, ingredients, services, sales and communication.

Technical-Scientific Consultation

There are many technical and scientific questions in relation to bioactives, nutrition and wellness products, and health foods. It may be to gather preliminary understanding; investigate appropriateness for a product or a processing technology; establish new bioactive ingredients for new products; ideate innovative products; fact-finding on stability, safety, efficacy; find options to solve a product development problem.

Scientific Validation

In scientific validation we check whether your product claim is well founded on solid scientific knowledge. It looks at the scientific evidence available on a specific question and finds weaknesses. Second expert opinions can be obtained.

Regulatory questions

This service serves to establish compliance with EU regulations, by clarifying legal requirements for a nutrition or health claim, reviewing scientific and safety data, establishing knowlege gaps, guiding in the prepation of the legal dossier, consulting with EUSA and EU authorities, linking to specific science experts, case law studies, estimation of chance of legal success for a specific legal procedure, and so forth. In legal compliance questions we work together with EU Food Comply.

Special services

Companies may have special needs, which required special customised services. Examples are: Appointments with scientists, authorities or legal experts; Design of trips with a specific purpose, such as specific market recognition. Because we know who is who in the health foods area we can help with almost any question.


*NWHF: Nutrition, Wellness & Health Foods



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