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European Food Outsourcing

With an experience of more than 10 years in co-manufacturing as well as outsourcing food R&D ('contract research'), we have an overview of possible EU partners, technical benchmarking, technical evaluation and audits and problem solving. The professionality of our services allow company managers to focus on core activities, while keeping well informed and full control outsourced projects. Our services can be contracted flexibly, adjusting to client needs. Ad-hoc or interim basis are possible. Our experience helps avoiding outsourcing pitfalls and getting to the needed results with less resources.

Co-Manufacturing, Co-Packing project support

Contract manufacturing services cover food processing, co-packing as well as ingredient co-manufacturing. Although we work only for food applications, the technologies we have worked with go far beyond food technologies into: pharma, chemical and physical technologies. In the application to foods, a set of specific food regulatory requirements must be checked. We work in technical compliance to make sure that the end-result can be applied to foods. Projects may involve manufacturing a complete product or only certain unit operations (processing steps), the production of samples, manufacturing tests, or other.
Responsible for contract manufacturing projects is Dr.-Ing. Kuhn, c.kuhn@foodlinkforum.com.


Our contract manufacturing services include:

      • European partner search, benchmarking
      • Facility evaluation or audit
      • Contract support, Conditions advise and negotiation
      • Project management
      • Special supervision
      • Implementation assistance
      • Problem solving, technical mediation

R&D Outsourcing project support

Exploration of new technologies or outsourcing of non-core activities motivate external research contracting. In certain cases certified European laboratories must be used, as in the case of regulatory compliance. In other cases, a specific technology for a unit operation must be used. Besides the usual outsourcing steps, outsourcing R&D has some peculiarities which make it tricky and difficult. Our many years of experience in helping companies deal with outsourcing R&D has proven a valuable asset for our clients to avoid pitfalls. We know many R&D partners in Europe, and what their strenghts are. We help companies find the appropriate partner for their question, contracting and managing the project. how they workOur services cover the whole traject of outsourcing, partner search, benchmarking and evaluation.

Our contract manufacturing services include:

Technical market information (for food outsourcing)

See: Technical Market Services

Food Outsourcing Publications:

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To learn more about Food Outsourcing please contact food-outsourcing@foodlinkforum.com