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From the three cost reduction categories in the food industry, -Waste Prevention, Operation Analysis and Innovative Ideas-, the ingredient most frequently missing is the experienced input of innovative ideas from outside sources. Yet to maintain competitiveness, food companies must discover new approaches in order to survive. We provide services on cost reduction, also in combination with innovation and packaging associates. Our focus is an experienced contribution in the Innovative Ideas category.

Main services are:


Our specialised cost reduction insourcing service uses our combined experience in industrial cost reduction, R&D and technical market research to locate suppliers and the newest alternatives for costly food ingredients, materials and technologies that you have spotted in your cost reduction projects. This service uses our expererience in understanding and considering all technical requirements for an effective screening and implementation of cost saving options.

Technical market research for Cost reduction

Finding new cost reduction options and solutions requires the due investigation of the food market. An important part of our technical market research services is dedicated to finding new cost reduction options for food businesses. This may involve innnovative ingredients, alternative suppliers, new technologies.

Our years of experience in market research for food industrial cost reduction is the basis for a specialised service, the 'Cost Savings Solver'. This is provided in collaboration with the team of the ICR-Audit.

For further information on our markte research services for cost reduction see also: Technical market research services.

Cost Reduction Audit

The team of Foodlink Forum has years of very useful experience of top level quality in cost reduction of food production, gained in service to food multinationals. This knowledge is the basis for a new cost reduction toolkit named the "Innovative Cost Reduction Audit" ('ICR-Audit'). This audit focuses on the frequently missed cost reduction category 'Innovative Cost Reduction' and is designed to help reduce Cost of Goods between 5 and 40% and more, depending on the case.
The ICR-Audit is offered since 2010 in collaboration with carefully selected external European specialists. For more information,see "Innovative Cost Reduction Audit" ('ICR-Audit').

Cost reduction project support

Upon request, Foodlink Forum participates as the external cost reduction team member of food companies. This is a very efficient and flexible way to tap into our years of specialised food industrial cost reduction knowledge and experience. In this role, we contribute in different ways: providing new fresh cost reduction ideas, searching for concrete solutions, discussing and negotiating with potential (outsourcing) parties, evaluating options, and other. Project support services are very flexible, and adjust to client's needs.

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To learn more about technical cost reduction services to the food industry, please contact cost-reduction@foodlinkforum.com