Working with us

We serve food companies and organisations globally, and have worked in many countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. In Europe: Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Spain, and others.In Asia: Japan, China, India. In the Americas: USA, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala.


Our services are for food manufacturers, and ingredient suppliers for the food and food supplement industries. Equipment suppliers, research institutes, universities, food consultancies and also banks have made use of our knowledge and experience.

Over the years we have worked for many companies, within others:
Unilever, Danone, Duyvis, Rio Mints, Procter & Gamble, Proliant (USA), Koikeya, Frente (Japan). Ingredient suppliers: Givaudan, DSM, Proliant, CSK food ingredients, Roche, Loders Crocklaan, Meneba Meel, CSM, BF Goodrich, DMV International, COSUN sugar cooperative. Others: Wageningen University & Research center, Fraunhofer Institute, Rabobank, Government of the Netherlands, Goernment of Chile, United Nations.


In our 30 years of food industrial experience we have worked in all food sectors. This cross-sector knowledge and experience is of great benefit to our clients.

Industrial sectors in which we have worked include:

  • Foods: Savoury and Sweet industries. Bakery and cereal foods; Snacks; Dairy foods; Meals and meal components; Sauces and sauce concentrates; Vegetables and fruits; Confectionery (soft, hard, chewy); Food tablets; Food capsules; Beverages; Sweeteners, and many others.
  • Ingredients: Texturisers, Flavourings, Enzymes, Fillers, Coatings and Edible films, Innovative ingredients (new business development of ingredients); based on dairy, cereal; fermentation; and many others.

Beyond food process technologies...

Our expertise goes beyond food technologies. We have worked food applications of pharmaceutical and chemical technologies. Our knowledge in science (chemistry, physics, biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology, and other sciences allow us to establish future needs of new food ingredients and bioactives, contribute in the development of innovative food products and solve industrial food problems.

Who contracts us?

Depending on the type of project, we are contracted by different managers in food companies: CEO, technical or plant manager, R&D manager, business developer, regulatory affairs manager, production manager or other (depending on the structure of the company).

Types of collaboration

We work as necessary by our client projects. This may be carrying out complete projects or parts of projects, in flexible consultancy or providing the specialised information and answers so our client can advance his project. In certain cases, we work as interim managers (e.g., 1 or 2 days per week).Retainer agreements are available for long term services.

How we work

Our technical consultants have all worked as company managers before. Our clients often ask us to function as their 'external team member', linking them to the needed external knowledge and experience. We are our clients' confidential, trusted and flexible partner, enabling technological development not available in-house. We provide new relevant information and alternative ideas.