Our team consists of 5 senior associates and 65 specialised food experts and associates, that provide for the wide spectrum of multi-sector food industrial technology and experience that makes our services unique, efficient and effective.

Disciplines we cover: food technology, engineering, industrial product and process development, food and nutritional sciences, chemistry, physics, biochemistry and medical sciences, European food law and regulatory affairs, technical market research, technical information analysis.

Industrial sectors: Our food outsourcing and technical market services cover all food industrial sectors. In ingredient projects we sometimes we also work in some chemical, pharmaceutical and agro-technologies.

Our work experience is extensive, for various types of companies and organisations: food multinationals (Unilever, Danone, SaraLee, P&G), large and small innovative food and ingredient companies (Koikeya Company, Frente, DSM, CSM, COSUN, Chiquita) and other organisations (Dutch government, Wageningen University, EFSA, ILSI) in various countries in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium), Asia (Japan, South Korea, China), Americas (USA, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica).

For certain specific questions, we also work with recognized local food organisations, universities and experts throughout Europe. Examples are certified laboratories, food R&D centres, regulatory authorities, local labelling specialists, food technical facilities.

FOODLINK FORUM started operations in 1999.

Cecilia Kuhn
Dr. M. Cecilia Kuhn
Global Project Director
Solke Bruin
Prof. Dr. Ir. Solke Bruin
Senior Engineering Associate
Onno Korver
Dr. Onno Korver
Senior Scientific Associate
Bernd van der Meulen

Prof. mr. Dr. Bernd van der Meulen
Senior food law associate

Russell Ward
Dr. Russell Ward
Senior R&D Associate